Grading Results

June 2018

Congratulations to everyone who graded this month both at the dojo and ASKA gradings!

Very proud of so many student recieving new grades, well done!



March 2018

It has been a mammoth month of karate with our dojo gradings, ASKA grading and the adult gasshuku and the black belt grading all within a couple of weeks!  Well done to all of our students who have shown karate spirit both physically and mentally.

Congratulations on our newest Shodans - Anna Katich, Theodore Milonas, Rachelle Bayliss, Harrison Mitchell, Scarlett Mitchell and Rachel Bown Mayo.
Congratulations to Nicholas Dalton who is our newest Junior Shodan.
Well done to our Waverley students who displayed courage and resilience during their grading and over the course of the gasshuku.  Wear your new belts with pride and remember that the journey is now beginning!


Grading Times & Dates

March 2018
Peewees, Junior Novices and Junior Seniors. Some very proud students on receiving new grades. Well done!


June 2017:

Congratulations to all students who graded in mid June including our juniors who completed their ASKA gradings. Well Done everyone!

March 2017:

Congratulations to all students who graded in mid March including Sheridan Bown-Mayo who received her Shodan Ho. Well Done everyone!