What We Offer

At Samurai Karate Waverley we offer traditional Japanese karate in a friendly family environment. Karate is known to build confidence and self-esteem whilst you are challenging yourself and getting fit. The bonus is there is no limit to age, gender or fitness level!  


Our Samurai Classes                                                              

Samurai Karate Waverley offers specialised classes for:

  • Tiny Ninjas aged between 3-5yrs. Building from the foundation up, this specially designed class introduces our smallest karate students to the art of movement.

  • Peewees aged between 5-7 yrs, Working from the foundation up, the peewee class is a little more structured focusing on the basics.

  • Junior Novice & Junior Beginners 8-14 yrs works closely on technique and improving their basic skills.

  • Junior Intermediate 8-14 yrs teaches these children to hone in on the skills they have already learnt and improves higher and more difficult techniques.

  • Junior Seniors, A specially designed class for those who have reached Brown & jnr Black.

  • Working with our top instructor, this Open Adult class is for any adult belt and any age

  • Our Senior Adult only class tailored for our highest belts Brown, Black and above.


We also have many students who regularly compete in National & International tournaments and gain the experience and skill to then further themselves in their karate.

Also up for offer is our Free Women’s & Children’s Urban survival courses throughout the year.

Junior & Adult camps, internal and external tournaments and various courses are also offered throughout the year.

Plus, if you feel like you need personalised/private One On One training, we also offer 1 hour sessions with either our head instructor Sensei Charles 5th Dan or Sensei Rachelle our 1st Dan Black belt.  


The School is committed to protecting our students, therefore we are affiliated with the AKF (Australian Karate Federation) Victoria Karate, WKF (World Karate Federation) and SWKA. (Shukokai World Karate Association)  Yearly membership to this association is paid by all students via our Karate school.